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We're Brent & Jeff. With a combined 32 years of hospitality experience, we offer unmatched experience in every facet of the service industry. We are passionate about creating beautiful, well-designed community-focused spaces that are distinctive, sustainable, and profitable. We excel in creativity, design, communication, and an unparalleled drive. Join us in creating or reshaping your business.



Jeff has worked in the hospitality industry for over fourteen years. Jeff’s greatest skills are his innovation & system management. Jeff is a hospitality service expert with extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the drinking world. His ability to create, design, and construct systems make him an irreplaceable force. Jeff’s experience brewing, managing, and building incredible spaces make him an incredible asset to any business creation and revitalization.

Jeff likes building tap systems, wild tiki cocktails, his wife, and maintaining an immaculate backyard.



Brent served as the general manager at Archive Coffee & Bar, in Salem Oregon for six years. He established Archive as the leader in the city by creating conversational cocktails and an unparalleled drink culture for people to gather around. Brent excels in creating exciting spaces, branding, and social media marketing. Brent’s passion for innovative, exciting buildouts, combined with his knowledge in branding, interior design, the hospitality industry, social media, and attention to detail will propel your business to incredible levels of care and expertise.

Brent likes his  wife and their children, sour beer, and reading far too many books.

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